Crash to Desktop (only in Games)


i've got the following problem:

My system keeps randomly crashing to desktop while playing games. I always need to reboot the system as even the Internet Browser stops working after that.

I can run Prime95 and Furmark simultanously and don't get any errors at all.

My System:

X4 965BE @ 3,8 GHZ 1,3875 Vcore
Powercolor HD 7870 PCS+
12 GB Corsair XMS3 1066U Ram
Asrock 870 Extreme 3 MB
700W Corsair PSU
Asus Xonar DG Audio (onboard Sound disabled)

Thx in advance for any helpful comments.
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  1. Hi

    What do you mean by crash?, does your PC Bluescreen, do you get any error messages? What happens exactly?

    Also how long did you run Prime 95 for, and are your temps ok?
  2. Thx for your reply,

    by crashing to desktop i mean that the application stopped working (windows message). I monitored temps while gaming and they never exceeded 55°C for both CPU and GPU.

    I tested Prime95 only for about 1 hour, temps went up to 66°C CPU and 75°C for GPU (but stable, for at least this one hour i tested)

    Crashes in game occur randomly, sometimes even after 5 min with a maximum of about 2 hour crash free gaming :)
  3. Ok so the temps are fine, there no problem :)

    1 hour Prime usually indicates a system stable enough to play games, however I have had a BSOD after 7 hours prime. Are you able to revert back to stock settings and try gaming again?, just so we can make sure its not the overclock.
  4. thx, i'll check this after work and report.
  5. reverted CPU to stock Speed, and had no crashes till now. But as newest games can be very demanding i'd like to OC my CPU again.

    Maybe i've just done something wrong in the first place, with Vcore etc.
  6. Ok so we can be fairly certain that the overclock was causing the issue, I would start again with the overclock, but once you've settled on a clock speed make sure you test with Prime95 (blend mode if your overclocking RAM aswell) for atleast 8 hours.
  7. Intel Burn Test is even more punishing to test an overclock. Either way, you should be able to determine how solid it is with either benchmark/stress test.
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