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I just bought a Dell ST2300 but my HD 3200 will not drive it at 1920x1080. What card do I need. I'm not a gamer but want high quality video resolution for for my charts, graphs, movies, etc.
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  1. You would probably be fine with a low end graphic card if its just for the monitor.

    Dell would sell you an ATI 4350 with your build--which would be sufficient for basic tasks. (they would have charged you $60 for it though instead of 30)

    Personally, I would put in the extra $10-15 to get a much better ATI 4650

    This is more than you need for just the monitor... but at this price why not be safe? (you could even bump up to the gaming-ready 4670 for $60)

    A larger monitor will run better with 1 gb of ram on the card. 512mb is good for must of us at 1440x900 and below, but you probably want to spring a little extra for the memory to get the best performance on a large monitor.

    *I dont know if your computer is a slimline or full tower--but if its smaller keep that in mind when purchasing.
    ** At this low-level card you shouldnt have to worry about your power supply.
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