Help, I just deleted all files on external drive by mistake!! No!

Can anyone out there please help me?! I've just done something terrible and very stupid. I was using Disk Utility on Leopard to partition my external hard drive to create a partition for rebooting from. There was about 250 Gb of backed up files already on the disk. Anyways, I clicked apply and 2 seconds later the disk appears with 2 partitions and zero data- all my files have disappeared!!! Oh no!!! :(

Is there any way to get those files back?? What can I do?? Please help!

Thanks for any help.

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  1. Nothing much can be done... Best if you leave it alone now because pretty soon your ganna throw your external drive away... JK lol...
  2. Most likly the files were overwritten in a format process to create the new partition and it's not like clicking on a file to delete it and it's sent to the trash bin where you could actually recover it.In this case those files are unfortunatly gone. Can you try putting the hdd back to the one partition and pray?
  3. You can use RECUVA I have used it many time to recover files, pics and videos off of drives that have been formatted. Just make sure when you do the scan to do a full or deep scan. I can remember what it calls it but it will work.
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