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I got q6600 2.4ghz + 4ddr3 dual memory +hyper101 cooler +500psu + ga g41-combo mobo
If oc to 3ghz do i need to change my ram setting in bios . coz when the cpu 2.4ghz it shows 1066mhz whereas at 3ghz it show 1333mhz
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  1. The difference in the memory speed is due to an increase in your Front Side Bus (FSB), ideally your FSB:DRAM would be 1:1, or as close to that as possible. Some motherboards allow you to limit the RAM speed and help you achieve that 1:1 ratio. As long as your system is stable and your memory doesn't over heat there is no problem with the higher memory speed but perhaps you could maintain tigher CAS timings at a lower frequency.
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