CPu Target Speed 3.5GHz Current Speed 4.5GHz+?

Heres a pictre of what i mean

It automatically puts my voltage sometimes also to like 1.45, scared it may be unstable and crash. But i do have a kiler cooler which i dont think will make a difference

Edit: When i run a stability test, sometimes it will get up to 4.9ghz not sure if that is legit or not
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  1. Could you tell us a little more information about your system?
  2. I suspect he has an FX-8150 Zambezi with the system clock at 250MHz (14x250MHz = 3.5GHz)

    By using DDR3 1333 the memory divider is dropped from 6.67 to 5.33 to keep the memory at spec speed.

    When Turbo kicks in, the CPU multiplier/P-State raises voltages and boosts several individual core speeds.

    As long as temps are under control, the voltages look okay.

    edit -- just realized he has 6 active cores :lol: so it's possible it's a Thuban with Turbo
  3. lol sorry i have the X6 1055t :)
    Gigabyte GA-890 Mobo
    12GB DDR3 Ram
    6850 GPU
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