Driver Badly Needed For Gigabyte GA-81915P Duo-A

Lost the CD, I have wasted over 5 hours of time i dont have looking for the drivers..please does anyone have? Stupid GIGABYTE's website doesnt have them anymore..please anyone?
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  1. Or Would anyone be able to email me the Files? or maybe a website that you can share files over? please i havent been able to do any work at home, its killing me, i have to stay later at work just to finish my paperwork. all beacuse they decided to take the drivers off the website..please i badly need someones help
  2. The drivers are right there on Gigabyte's website.

    Pick your OS and you should be all set.

    By the way, the board is GA-8I915P Duo-A, not GA-81915P Duo-A.

    You're welcome.
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