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Hey guys. I have a P5KE ASUS board. I have 4 gigs ram E8400 dual core intel cpu and BFG 9800 GTX. I am wondering if it would be worth while upgrading the cpu and vid card. And what recommendations. When I built the rig. I forgot that you can't SLI nvidia on my board. So, I might want to crossfire with ATI. Thanks gang
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  1. Gamer or Non-Gamer?
    if gamer.. I would just upgrade your GPU to a 48xx, 57xx, or 58xx card and overclock the E8400 for additional power.
    if non-gamer... I would just upgrade your CPU to a Q9550 and run with the 9800 GTX.
  2. Honestly, those components aren't terribly outdated. A step down from cutting-edge, to be sure, but perfectly functional.

    I'd probably recommend against spending a lot of money on that system, though. The LGA775 socket is going to limit you to a relatively modest performance increase with whatever new chip you put in there, since your current one isn't bad as LGA775s go. Yeah, a quad core could boost your performance, but for the money I don't know if it's worth it -- you'd likely be better off just keeping what you've got for a year or so, and saving up to build an i7 system, or maybe an i9 if the cost is reasonable by then.
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