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When it comes to games like WoW whats better? Intel Core 2 Duo E8400? or Intel Core 2 Q8400?
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  1. The game sucks, so why would you waste either fine CPU on that?
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    E8400 will be fine for WoW, you wont see a significant boost going for the quad
  3. Well I like it... Why would you post if you're not gonna help me? That was just stupid..
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  5. E8400 should be better in most current games. However, Q8400 is better in some games such as GTA IV.
  6. lol @ best answer
  7. What's wrong with it?
  8. What? in games like WoW, you wont see a big difference between the two... only if you go play something like GTA4 or BC2 (apparently) will you notice the benefits of the quad...
  9. yeah, pineapple is right.

    games that take advantage of a quad will obviously see an advantage. but WoW really does not need more than two cores.

    if a person were playing more recent games, i would recommend the quad core for certain. but wow is as basic as 3d gaming gets really...
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