New build or Craigslist deal-Help!

I am torn between being cheap and going with a deal on found on craigslist, listed shortly, or going with a completely new build. I have a case that may work, but I am going to assume for the new build that I need the complete tower. No OS, kb, mouse, speakers needed.

The craigslist deal is a broken computer, the guy said the video cart fryed, but that he thinks the components are fine, but it needs a new gpu and maybe psu. I am a little skeptical and dont want to waste money on an older rig that needs a lot of work to not have it be savings in the long run. Also, it is an Earthwatts 500 PSU, pretty reliable. Any ideas what else could have caused this? He says it no longer powers up, but the whole thing will be no more than 200 bucks. Figure a hundred for a new gpu and maybe 75 if I have to replace something else, still looking at a sub 400 dollar gaming rig, albeit DDR2, everything else is pretty good.

His Rig

-HD 640G|WD 7K 16M WD6400AAKS
-(10007757) GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R Intel P35 Core 2 Quad Socket 775 1600 MHz PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) ATX Motherboard
-(10007603) INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz 1333 MHz 775 6MB Desktop Processor
-CASE ANTEC|SONATA III 500 BK RT (came with power supply)

If I build completely new, I would like to stick between 400-500, but it seems tough without cutting quality and longevity significantly. Going up to 600 seems reasonable, but a bit pricey. I would probably be going with an Athlon IIx4, getting me a quad core CPU, and I would upgrade to DDR3 RAM, but much of the rest of the build would be similar. Any advice?

Forgot to mention, this will be mostly for gaming, video download + conversion, web, office, possibly to be used as a HTPC eventually. Looking to play MW2, WOW, various other FPS and RTS, Star Craft II and D3 when they release.
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  1. $482 AR
  2. I would recommend building new over craigslist PC. You don't know what is wrong with it and IT COULD BE MORE than just the GPU fried, such as a bad MOBO, RAM, CPU... etc. Why did the GPU fry?? ... overclocked system running too hot, electric surge... To many if's in my opinion to risk spending $400 on a PC that doesn't work and don't know why.

    You can build a decent build for around $500 based on the Athlon X4 620 and a little better closer to $600. You will be better set for the long run than taking a risk you only need to spend $200 to get it up in running again.

  3. How about that? I will have one of my experienced builder friends look at the case I have on hand, and if it will work I will drop the Rosewill PSU and Case and get a Corsair or Antec for longevity.
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