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so i've been happily running dedicated physx on my 9800GTX+ for about a month now, and it has been brilliant, big fps increase in games like batman: arkham assylum with my 260 running the graphics

but now i have, for various reasons, come into the posession of a brand new 260 1792mb, identical to the one i currently own, just with double the memory.. i've installed it as my graphics GPU, connected to my monitor, and have attempted to use the old 260 as dedicated physx, but it's just not letting me

nvidia control panel (with system tools installed) detecs that i have two graphics cards installed, and lets me change their settings.. the only difference i have noticed between the wo different card setups is that windows used to detect a monitor that didn't exist (wasn't plugged into my card) but aside from that, it should be exactly the same

anyone have any advice, or see where i've gone wrong?

edit: i forgot to put in that to set a dedicated physx card, you go into the nvidia control panel and under the physx tab, it will let you select what card you want it running on, this option is unavailable to me currently
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  1. Over on the nVidia forums there's a post about this very issue....something about not setting the 2nd card as dedicated PhysX when they are identical. I was poking around in the EVGA forums and found a link to it there.
  2. You don't have the sli connector installed, do you? I would also try installing the latest driver or if you have the latest driver already installed I would reinstall it with the new 260 in place( without sli connector of course).
  3. i have reinstalled both the graphics and physx drivers several times to no avail, i'm running the latest 195 whql driver, and it's still not working :-\

    and i'm fairly certain no sli bracket is required for dedicated physx

    JackNaylorPE: could you possibly link me to that thread, please?
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