Wanting To Upgrade From HDD To SSD

So as the title says, I'm wanting switch over from the older HDD storage format to the newer SSD one, and have a few questions regarding the upgrading process.

In order to feel the effects of the upgrade its my understanding that i must have all the windows files(OS), along with all of my applications files(including gaming application files) on the SSD. Is this correct? If so, what is a good way of estimating how much capacity i should get on the SSD?

Now for the most important question: How difficult is the entire process? Is it something as simple as Installing the new SSD and moving all the files over from the HDD to the SSD, or is it not that simple?
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  1. Because the price per GB is still high most people get 60 to 128GB SSD's for OS and limited amount of favorite applications. It is like having to replace a HDD, programs need to be installed and user files can be copied.
  2. Sector by sector clone is generally NOT recommended. Alignment will be off adversely affecting performance.
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