Is it possible to load window 7 professional 32 bit with 4 GB ram

how much RAM is compitable with Window 7 professional 32 bit
to run program as -- photoshop cs3, 3D, Corel draw,
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  1. 32 bit Windows 7 can address a maximum of 4GB of ram, minus anything else attached to the system that consumes the total pool of address space (such as video cards). This is why you often see 32 bit systems that say they have 3.5 or 3.25GB of ram, when there is actually 4GB installed.

    I would go with 64 bit instead, unless you have a specific program or device that is absolutely critical to you.
  2. yes it is i am running windows 7 professional on my computer with 4gb of ram and it works fine :)
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