Hmdi not working on 4870

hi, i recently had one of my 4870's go out on thanks giving, and today iwas bored so i decided to move my still working 4870 to the top pcie slot..just for giggles...and when i plugg everything back in i get no signal on my tv...wich is weird because it was working just 10 minutes ago just fine. Ive tried all 3 pcie slots on my mobo with no luck, dvi is working fine though, im using my monitor right now and let me tell you...42inches to 22 is a sucky change lol...i also tried a different hdmi cord, and tried all 3 hdmi ports on the tv, im using a dvi to hdmi adaptor...what the hell is going on?? if anyone has any ideas that would be great!

btw, ccc doesnt notice any other monitor besides my dvi one thats plugged in right now
specs below

p5e3 deluxe wifi
4gb gskill ddr3 1333
4870 512mb visiontek
q6600 cpu aftermarket air cooler
1.5tb HDD western digital
lg blu-ray player
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  1. U switched the PCI Xp slots...and the problem came out like a charm.
    Maibe this will help.
    1 Reset BIOS and see what effect does.
    2 Reinstall the Ati drivers.
  2. i tried new go..i will try the bios right now thanks! donno why i didnt think of trying that lol :)
  3. nope...still didnt work :(
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