MCP61PM-AM mobo problem-updated

ok. now I have bought the combo kit from ascendtech and a new psu
installed everything and now i get another problem... :fou:
pc wont post
cpu/psu fan runs, hd and dvd drive too
but no post, not even beep error
tried every thing i could, but still no help.
also tried Only having the 24 pin and 4 pin for the cpu (cpu fan too)with and with out ram, but still no post.....
called the technical support.. told him everything.
the guy said it might be the ram...
tried with the original ram that i had
which is a samsung pc5300 512mb/1gb
I also tried with my own pc ram which is Ocz pc6400
still no luck...
am i having a faulty mobo or what...
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  1. had your board for $69.99 recently, but I don't know if they still have it in stock. I wouldn't mess with the panel leads anymore. Changing them around won't accomplish anything. Leave them in the original positions. Only item left is to remove the board battery for one minute with the system off, then reinstall, and try restarting the system.
  2. thank you for replying
    i just did that
    but still no luck
    so i guess the mobo is dead
    and i saw that website earlier already
    the one that is 69.99 is a recertified mobo.
    and they have this too
    which is 75 mobo combo
    comes with a cpu?
    cpu costs 5$??....
    right now i dont know if the cpu is good or not
    cant test it
    not sure which to buy
  3. I would spend the extra $5 for the customkit. It's a bargain. Most of these refurbs come with a 90 day warranty. I would also replace your power supply to a decent brand, such as antec, corsair, seasonic, ocz, or enermax. Newegg has had the corsair and antec 400w ps for around $20 after rebate recently. Both will last a long time, and come with 3 year warranties.
  4. thanks again.
    I will tell my friend about it. The decisions are all upon my friend.
    I guess it's solved
  5. Got new question...
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