Asrock Z77 guide for 3770k OC

Hey everyone, I fairly new to OCing but I have a good idea of the process. I have an AsRock Z77 extreme4 and I am more or less looking for a general guide to what each component of the BIOS settings does and how it affects over all CPU speed.

Has anyone either found a good guide or can anyone give me a good rundown of the components.

Thanks, Dan
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  1. There's a tab under overclocking in the bios u can just set the turbo mode to 4.0 /4.2 / 4.4 /and up
    It's fully automatic.
    Dont mess with the gpu settings. set your xmp on your ram to the setting it came with.

    The I7 runs hotter because hyper-threading so just up it a little and test until u get the temp your comfortable with.
    Without water cooling u will probably only increase a small amount like 2-4 tenth of a Ghz.

    All the other settings u will just have to Google because they are not in the manual. Or use toms hardware guide at the top of forum.

    I really recommend using standard xmp(for ram) and as rock turbo (for cpu only)-(not gpu)
  2. Be careful when using the automatic overclocking features. I don't have my Asrock rig in front of me, but from what I remember enabling the "Enhanced Turbo 30" changed some parameters to something scary. There's a bit about what each of those options does in the Anandtech review, here:
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