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Hi. I want to know if i can use Kingston/Crucial RAM with the current memory i have which is:

I heard the RAM from same manufacturer is reccomended...but i can't seem to find any webshops that sells these Hyundai Electronics RAM i want some advice from you guys..
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  1. Oh and i use a ms 7304 mainboard
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  3. If you must add to the PC25300 you have, try and find Dimms with the same voltage and timing requirements as what you have. There is no guarantee RAM of different makers will work together. It's trial and error.

    These RAM configurators can provide tested RAM guaranteed to work in that MB.
  4. Kingston:

    No available Memory for this Product.

  5. So yeah, the Crucial memory linked should be compatible with my comp should be compatible, and thanks for the links to those sites
  6. Crucial value RAM is generally very dependable. Possibly Crucial does not have a 2GB Dimm in stock. I would try their online chat or email them.
  7. According to that CPUZ shot, the 2GB Dimm is installed in slot 4? What is in slot 1?
  8. I got all these guaranteed to work by entering your system. The 2GB module is there. Crucial guarantees it will work. I have ordered form them many times without problems.
  9. Nothing. 3 and 4 are the only one occupied
  10. Case solved. I installed the compatible RAM sticks into my system and it runs like a charm
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