E6300 2.8ghz vs E6300 1.8ghz on an Intel DP965LT


Intel seems to have released a E3600 2.8 ghz version of a previous 1.8 E6300. I have an Intel DP965LT Motherboard which is compatible with the 1.8ghz E6300. How do I know if the new 2.8ghz E6300 is comaptible too?
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  1. Go on your motherboard's website and look up the model of your mobo with exact revision number. Then look up CPU support list.

    From what I can see, your mobo won't/can't run the new Pentiun Dual Core E6300. It's too old.
  2. Old E6300 is Conroe. New E6300 is Wolfdale.
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    jsc said:
    Old E6300 is Conroe. New E6300 is Wolfdale.

    Old E6300 is Core 2 Duo. New E6300 is Pentium Dual Core.

    Lol, I'm waiting for the renaming of Q9400 - i3 940 Clarkdae Quad Core!
  4. doesn't seem to make any sense....

    @ HundredIslandBoy: That's probabaly why I found the info on their website dubious and needed a second opinion...

    Although I was kinda hoping for something more technical like it's the socket or the nanometers or....meh...I'll take your words for it.
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