Fx4100 m5a78l-m v2 4ghz

Im after a little help i have read up on the bulldozer overclocking guide but still abit confused.

I have a fx4100 with a stock cooler, M5A78L-M LX V2 (125W CPU support) on latest BIOS, 700W 80+ PSU and 2x 4gb 1333 kingston ram. I am informed by asus this board can handle around a 10% overclock ~4ghz (which is what im aiming for).

Under the advanced menu - jumperfree config I have
cpu overclocking - auto
cpu overvoltage - auto
cpu nb frequency - auto
cpu ratio - 20x - 4000mhz

turbo mode - disabled

cpu config
- cool n quiet - disabled
- c1e support - disabled
- advanced clock calivabration - disabled

power menu
suspend mode - auto
acpi 2.0 support - enabled
acpi apic support - enabled

apm config - disabled
cpu q fan function - disabled

The system reboots fine but when its from a cold boot it just says "overclock failed" on the post screen and resets the speed. The only way i can stop this from happening is reenabling the turbo mode.

any help would be greatful.
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  1. why do you have q fan diabled? and you probaly have to raise the voltage a bit, which i dont reccomend without an aftermarket cooler
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