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I have a gigabyte GA-ma74gm-s2 motherboard with amd phenom processor.
I got a nvdia gtx 260 and cooler master gx series 550 w power supply.
I would like to know whether my motherboard supports the nvdia graphics card and power supply
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  1. i wanted to know because 2 times my motherboard stopped working
  2. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forum, could you post your pc specs and tell us why you think your motherboard died twice.
  3. gigabyte GA-ma74gm-s2 motherboard
    Ammd phenom processor
    2gb Ram
    250gb HD
    nvidia gtx 260 890 MB graphics card
    Cooler master gx 550 w.
    previously i had a normal 400 w PSU

    It was working perfectly without the graphics card. When i put the graphics card and new PSU it worked. But when i restarted the system it shutdown. I'm not sure where the problem is. The power supply or the motherboard.I wanted to know whether the mother board supports the graphics card or not. Ur help will be appreciated
  4. Yes, a properly working AMD motherboard will support a properly working nVidia video card. It will even support two of them, just not in SLI.

    Likewise, the PSU. Any ATX 2.91 spec PSU with the necessary capacity will work with any motherboard. The quality of the different PSU brands is another thing though. And CoolerMaster has a well deserved reputation for building junk.

    If your system works reliably with the onboard video but generates faults with the GTX260, you have three possibilities:
    1. Your PSU cannot provide enough power for the 260.
    2. The 260 has an internal fault.
    3. The motherboard does have a problem.

    Judging by the brand of your PSU, that's where I'd look first. Can you borrow a known good PSU for testing?

    Where do you live? What PSU brands are available?
    I think your problem is either the PSU or the video card.
  5. Okay let's play "guess my pc specs", I have an Amd Phenom CPU of phenominal size lol. I am only using two gigs of RAM, therefore I must be using Windows XP. The RAM fits in my motherboard thereby making it the best for my phenominal processor. My RAM timings and motherboard BIOS are all wonderful playa's, now let's figure out why the video isn't doing it's thing, roflmao. You're making this too easy for everyone to help you!
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