Machine just for wow

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Earlier the better. The latest is Jan 1 2010

BUDGET RANGE: 700 although less is better

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: World of Warcraft, vent, fraps, webbrowsing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, maybe the PSU. I have a 650w therlmaltake. It used it to power my old x1950 pro card and dual xeon processors

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: a) b) for smaller parts. I live in NJ, so newegg taxes me, but could ship to an office in NYC. Parts have to be small though.





ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This machine is being built exclusively to play wow and fraps some wow movies. I have a pretty good workstation at home I use to run a mySQL db and soon to add an oracle developer db. I like to have a gaming only machine. The only game I play on a computer is WoW. Everything else is XBOX.

I've read the techmo's post and have been convinced to go with DDR3. Not because I think ddr3 is better but because I think ddr2 prices are only going to go up as demand shrinks

So far i think i'm going to get

2 WD HDDs 750GB in raid config: []
graphics card: []


AMD Phenom II X 2: i figure if i don't get an i5 i might as well get this. Should be plenty to play wow at full settings.

I guess this mother board with the g skill memory
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  1. I forgot to add that I'll be getting this card
  2. What I really need help with is

    What heat sink should I get? Also which case fans.
    I have a rather old Antec case. Should I still use it?
  3. Best answer
    Here's some WoW benchmarks which should help in choosing some components.,693737/WoW-Wrath-of-the-Lich-King-CPU-benchmarks-with-Phenom-II-and-Core-i5/Practice/,689378/WoW-Wrath-of-the-Lich-King-Benchmarks-with-Ati-and-Nvidia-graphics-cards/Practice/

    While WOW WotLK is optimized for dual cores, a tri or quadcore CPU helps when running vent or various addons (DBM for example).

    Unless you're overclocking, then stick with the stock HSF. I'd stick with your present case unless your budget can handle the $50- $80 needed for a new case, i'd rather spend money on components that boost performance. I personally like Scythe fluid dynamic fans for quiet/CFM. Unless you're crossfiring go with the AMD 770 over the 790X to save money.
  4. Thanks for that info. I will read through through when I get home. Those sites are blocked from work.

    No Crossfire. I have changed mobo to ma770t Can't beat it at $70.

    Found an old order in my newegg account. This is my PSU. I do not see it listed as being certified on for anything other than ATI HD 3870 Series. Is it still usable though?
  6. That PSU will easily power the system with the 5770.
  7. The caviar black 750s are going to be old 250GB platter drives. New 500GB platter drives are much faster. The Samsung F3 500GB/1TB and the Caviar Black 2TB are the fastest right now (they are faster than velociraptors). The seagate 7200.12 500/1TB beats the velociraptor in some benchmarks.

    You might as well get a Phenom II x3 720 and have 3 cores.

    What old antec case do you have? If it is wide enough the Coolermaster Hyper 212 plus is a great CPU cooler that is very inexpensive.
  8. shortstuff,

    Thanks for the info. I will keep that PSU. I have the original PSU in my current workstation and put that back in.


    These HDs?

    If that is the case them I'm going to go for the Samsung due to the price.

    I guess I can go with the 3 core CPU. I had read that the $20 wasn't worth the performance gain but then again it's only $20. Hopefully, I won't keep find myself saying that over and over again.
  9. The samsung is 500gb, the Black is 1tb. The Samsung 1tb is $85, the Black 500gb is $70.
  10. I'm looking at the sepcs on newegg and I can't tell what the platter sizes are. Is this something I have to read a review to know?

    So, right now I don't want to spend than more than 150 for two HDs. I guess that means I should 500GBs.
    samsung: 110 and the wd 140. I guess just going with the Samsung then.


    Just looked at the numbers. Kind of curious why they don't have an entry for the Phenom X3 with ddr3 and just with DDR2
  11. Just the cooler.
  12. scientificlee said:
    Just looked at the numbers. Kind of curious why they don't have an entry for the Phenom X3 with ddr3 and just with DDR2

    The RAM type is controlled by the motherboard, not the CPU. There are older motherboards that run DDR2 memory and handle both AM2 and AM3 CPUs. True AM3 socket motherboards use DDR3 memory and only socket AM3 CPUs.
  13. K thanks everyone. I'm going to put the order in tomorrow. I think i'm set although feel free to post anything if you wish.

    I'll post the final specs once the machine is built.
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