Is my radiator big enough?

Ive got the swiftech h20 220 ultima xt kit and im wondering if i add my 2 4870s if the radiator is big enough to support all the heat. here is a link to my kit
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  1. No, you will need an aditional radiator to cool both the CPU and 4870's.
  2. so do you recommend going with a triple 120mm fan radiator or keeping my dual 120mm radiator and just adding a small 120mm radiator into the loop?
  3. What CPU are you cooling along with the 4870's and how far do you have it overclocked?

    I think you would be pretty well off using a 3.120 rad along with your current 2.120.
    Your pump should have no issues with such a setup.
  4. running an i7 920 oced to 4.3ghz with 1.35 volts
  5. Yeah, those i7's get quite warm.
    I would say a 3.120 + 2.120 would be about the minimum required for CF 4870's and that CPU.
  6. i didnt figure it would take so much to cool down those cards. i just got into water cooling so not really up to date on what it takes i guess.
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