Step by step overclocking i72600 and asus p67 b3

Hi I will like to know if any one can help me to overclock my computer to at least 4.8ghz
My computer components are

mobo asus p67 b3 maximus IV
corsair ddr3 8gb (2each)
I7 2600k
nvidia gtx 570hd
cooler master power supply rs-850
corsair h100 liquid cpu cooler

now my problem is that I dont event know were to go to be able to oc the cpu
so in reality I need help on how to oc step by step.
so if posible I will apreciate you help.

Fernando. M
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  1. First, the disclaimer - there are no guarantees in overclocking and there is a possibility that your CPU is not capable of 4.8 at acceptable temps. Having gotten that out of the way, here is a good guide
    This guide is far more thorough (and far more wordy)
    If there are any specifics you do not understand, ask for clarification
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