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Just came from Linux to Windows, but the sound is missing. I tried all the simple things ( speaker problems etc.) m but still nothing. When I got re-instalation to Windows, I also got a new moterboeard, but there is nowhere said anything about its manufacturer or its name. Used Everest, but only got to know motherboard's ID. Is there any way to
1) Get to know the data of motherboard, if it is not written anywhere on itself(outside) and Everest sais, that the MB's name is unknown;
2) Get my sound back.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Try cpu-z, another free download.
  2. Thanks! That helped. A lot.
    Now, that I know it's a Asus A8V-X Motherboard, how can I get the sound back?
  3. You can let windows do a search online. Select the sound driver with a mark next to it in the device manager under "system". Click on "properties" and "update driver". Or use the motherboard driver cd.
  4. Can I still look up for a audio driver for Windows 7 online on my own? That would be easyer for me .
  5. Probably. If your board doesn't list windows 7 audio drivers, try the vista drivers instead.
  6. On some message boards and web pages I read that all other drivers and all audio devices must be uninstalled to get a successful audio driver upload. Is that true? And, in case yes, how should I do that?
    I have searched all the internet, but I can’t find an Asus A8V-X mainboards audio driver for Windows 7 and Vista drivers are not available for that motherboard
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