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This is my 1st post on toms hardware and im a regular visitor. Usually I manage to solve some of my PC problems my self but in this instance im clueless.

My pc wouldnt boot past the windows 7 boot screen unless I switch of the PSU or unplug the pc from the socket for about 15 sec.

Also prior to the problem above Ive been having problems with my graphics card as occasionally the PC freezes in certain games, specifically Heroes of Newerth with just stuttering sound after which i have to switch of my PSU for 10 to 15 sec and boot up again.

The motherboard hasnt been the greatest either the onboard lan isnt functioning properly and i have replaced it with a pci network card.

My system
All stock settings.

intel E8400
Motherboard Asus p5k-se P35
Corsair 2x2gb 800mhz
PSU Thermaltake 750watt
Asus 8800GT TOP, replaced the cooling with after market thermalright heatsink as the stock fan was really poor and dont think provided enough cooling as graphics glitches were more common. At the moment the gfx card doesnt go past 60 degrees C.

This is my 2nd card, my previous asus 8800gt fan didnt last long and eventually my graphics card cooked in 2 weeks.

Im reaching a point where im contemplating to replace the whole system with core i5 and 5850 but the performance jump isnt that great for me as I use this system mainly for games, such as CS, hon, warcraft3.
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  1. I ran memtest 86 and video memory stress test 1.7 for the whole night with no errors.
    Could it be the voltage regulators on the graphics card?
  2. The first thing I would do is to try a different power supply.
  3. Replaced the motherboard couple of days ago and so far no problems, system boots up fine and even no in game crashes which I thought were graphics related. :)
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