Msi 6970 Lightning crossfire cant overclock either card

Hey there.

This is my first thread so fingers crossed you can help me.
I already attempted to get my question answered on this thread:
But i have had no reply.

Basically i have succesfully overclocked other GPU's utilising MSI afterburner, my last card XFX 6970 i took to Core 930mhz with 1420mhz ram, i understand stress testing (I use furmark and Kombuster) so im aware of the process.

However i cannot seem to get either of my brand new Msi 6970 Lightning cards above stock (both indiviudally or crossfired, in Eyefinity and out) without getting bluescreens mentioning driver issues.

I currently have CCC 12.1 (it REFUSES to update to 12.3 or 12.4, tried fresh install of windows and still it reverts to 12.1).

I have the Bios switch on the card set to the middle position but i have now reached the end of my knowledge and i am stumped. I bought these two monster cards because i knew the OC possiblities of them and its rather heartbreaking to not even squeeze and extra 10 MHZ out of them considering they are famous for breaking the 1000 mark.

Please help!

My Pc Specs are:

Asus Sabertooth P67 Mboard
Intel I7 2700k @4.5Ghz with H60 Watercooler (YES I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT!!! Full load never exceed 47degrees)
Amd msi 6970 lightning X 2 in Crossfire
8gig Corsair vengeance DDR3 Mem @1600
850Watt XFX XXX Edition PSU
1TB Seagate HDD
NZXT Phantom Case
A butload of fans
3 X iiyama B2409HDS
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  1. Windows 7 graphics drivers notifications are best ignored.
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