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I need to find a video card for working with CS4 photoshop. I want it to make use of the easy functions and navigation in photoshop.
I use mac with snow leopard. I had never heard of the video cards so I need to find the correct card that will work with my computers and will not be more that I need.
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  1. You will need to post more detailed specs than that. What model mac, how old (so we know what kind of slot) etc. How big is your monitor, are you a casual CS4 user or a professional--what is your budget?

    I would start here, however.|1GB%20or%20more&sbq=MacMall_CartPrice%3A%3A%3Aasc&includeImage=true

    For CS4, the amount of Ram on the card matters--you want to have at least 1 gb. As for the other specs on the card.. that depends on how much you want to spend and how much performance you need.
  2. Also-- what card did your computer come with? Knowing what you are upgrading from will help us understand what you want.
  3. Have connected the secondary monitor of Nvidia (GTX260) to a CRT TV through S-video out. The video quality of a played video (Both DV AVI and MPEG2) on desktop is good but not smooth on my CRT TV, esspecially when there is a motion shot, the video on CRT TV becomes smoky or rather technically it shows panning.

    I have tried connecting my Sony Digital camcoder through DV port (1394) on a motherboard and played the DV cassette on a camera, now am seeing the preview on my Desktop through a VJ software Vjamm, the same video am watching on my CRT TV through secondary monitor output of a graphics card of Nvidia, -----Results----The motion shots are worst on CRT TV.

    This problem is minimised when I am using the ATI radeon Graphics card????
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