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I've got two Asus GTX 560 (non-ti) DCII cards OC'd to 950mhz running in SLI. The top card during heavy gameplay (GTA: TBoGT) stays around 68-75c @ 45% fan, while the lower card stays in the high 50's to mid 60's. What would be the best way to further cool the cards? (I don't like the fans much higher than 55%)

I have a Haf 922 case, and would it be better to install a 200mm side fan, two 120mm side fans, a fan next to the psu, or try one of those pci slot cooling fans, as I have one space open underneath the top card.

I have already took off both sides of the case, and temps did not drop at all, so would installing any of these fans help?
I already have the front 200mm fan, the top 200mm, and the back 120mm all running.
Much thanks as I do not understand case cooling very well.
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  1. I'd try a single 120mm if you can get it really close to the fan(s) on the upper card.

    Also seen advice to swap the cards periodically to rest the one that gets the hottest.
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    Modify the cards to take watercooling underneath those DCII shrouds :)
    Pci slotfan won't help at all,
    two 120's may direct enough cool air to them, but then that blocks the view :P
    and remember that clocking increases temps so the most direct route of lowering temps (at least for now) is to lose the overclock
    and yes, if you have aircooled cards, the top one gets hottest so maybe swap them over every couple of months
  3. That four pack seems a decent bargain to be honest, I'd grab that
  4. Final question, how should I position the fans on the side? Intake, exhaust, or one of both?
  5. Sides are always intakes
    front bottom side in, rear and top out as a general rule
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  7. Thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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