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I am trying to find a motherboard that can handle at least 32G of memory (the more the better) for CAD system. Orgionly I was thinking of using a AMD MB, but it was suggested that a INTEL workstation MB was my best bet. I just do not know what MB would be a good choice. I am on a very tight bugget so cost is extermly important.

If a motherboard has two proccess sockets on it does both sockets have to pollanted? Mean will still work with just one procceser?
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  1. What intel processor do you want?.Whats your budget?.

    Regarding the second question, its not necessary that both sockets should have a processor.
  2. My suffing of the web has suggested a XEION procressor. But never dealing with INTEL processors before I really have no clue as to which one would be best. As for the budget. I know it's going to cost over $1,000 (possible in the $4,000 range).

    I forgot to mention two important spec.
    1) The procressor has to be 64 bit
    2) The MB has to handle at least 6 SATA(3 if possible)/SAS diskdrives. In a RAID 5 conf.

    The CAD software in am using is ALIBRE ( WWW.ALIBRE.COM ).
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