Xigmatek achilles s1284 too hot!?!

So i recently upgraded my heat/fan to a xigmatek achilles s1284c , my old stock cooler managed to keep temperatures at about 46 C, but with the new cooler i'm gettting anywhere between 50 to 79 C!! i'm not using the fan that came with it, instead i'm using the XigmaTek XAF-F1456 140mm because its so much quieter and should have more airflow.

so my question is why am I getting such high temps?
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  1. Did you clean the CPU and properly reapply thermal paste to it? Is the heatsink properly secured to the mobo and in solid contact with the cpu, sitting flush.
  2. You installed it incorrectly, most likely by not properly applying thermal paste or not correctly tightening the heatsink. It's pretty common.
  3. I clean and reapplied the thermal paste before I posted, I have a feeling it's something to do with the push pins.
  4. I thought I'd come back here and post the solution:

    The new fan I was using was an air flow optimised fan, the original fan was designed to great static pressure, I did know about the difference between the two types but I never thought it would make such a huge difference in cooling!

    "make sure you use the right fans for the right job!"

    Thanks for all the help! :)
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