Is my case big enough for 5750, 5770, or gts 250?

I have an hp pavilion elite m9077c . According to the specs, the motherboard is 9.6"x9.6". I'm looking for a new video card and having been looking at both ati and nvidia. Specifically, I've looked at the 5750, 5770, and gts 250; however, I can't find any info on how big these cards are. I've read posts saying that most newer, more powerful cards can run between 9" up to 10.5" or even 11" in length. Does anyone know how long these cards are. Even pointing me to a site that lists cards like these and their lengths, in one database would be great.

Here are the links for the 3 cards I've been looking at:



gts 250

Any help would be greatly appreciated cuz I'm looking to make a decision today. I also know I will have to get a new PSU, so I have that covered. Also, if these cards are too big, any suggestions on a card which would fit nicely in my case without restricting airflow? Thanks
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  1. anyone?
  2. Ok, so I've found some info on the lengths, but it's conflicting info...ugh! I really need someone to clear this up for me before I make my decision.

    The following link is a review from this website for both the 5770 and 5750:,2446-2.html

    If you scroll down a bit on that page til you get the section titled "The Boards", the reviewer states that the 5770 is 8.5" long.

    On, the following link is from a search for 5770:

    If you click on any of the 3 5770 that appear there, which is one XFX and two Sapphires, all 3 show lengths of greater than 10".

    For anyone that actually has a 5770, could you please tell me exactly how long this card is, which manufacturer it is, and ideally, a link to the card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Well, the HD5770 and HD5750 are new cards and no matter what brand they should all be using the reference PCB so they should all be the same length. The different fan/heatsinks could extend the cards length slightly but not much. From what I'm reading from multiple reviews the HD5750 is quite short, close to 7 inches. The HD5770 is slightly over 8 inches.
    The default length for the GTS 250 appears to be 9 inches but that may vary more as the card has been around long enough that some manufacturers may be using custom PCBs.
  4. Hello! I was able to fit a 4890 and 5770 in my Coolermaster 335 Mid Tower Case. Here are the pictures:

    5770 in a Mid Tower Case

    The 5770 is about an inch shorter than the width of the micro atx motherboard.

    4890 in a Mid Tower Case

    The 4890 is about 1/4 inch longer than the width of the micro atx motherboard, as you can see it fits snuggly inside my similar coolermaster mid tower case, no space in between the edge of the 4890 and my hard discs so I had to put the hard drives lower than the 4890.

    Hope it helps!
  5. I think your case is also a mid tower case, so I guess you can fit those cards in. Good luck!
  6. All 3 cards are fairly small so you should not have any issues....Measure the space, if you have 9.5 inches of clearance then you are ok, if not then it is time for a dremel or smaller card....
  7. Thanks for all of the replies. I've decided to go with the XFX 5770: . One last thing though; will my PS be enough to power the card along with the rest of my computer, without me running the risk of the entire rig going up in smoke. I actually have a Rosewill rp500 from a previous computer. The only reason it's not in this case is because I still have all stock parts in it. Here's a link to newegg for that PS: .

    The unit, itself, has been discontinued, but will I have any issues with using that to power my rig with the new 5770 or should I get a new one?
  8. That PSU is not the best option but it will power your 5770 just fine, you have nothing to worry about.
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