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Hey guys,

I want to overclock my gpu, however I know that you need a pretty good cooling system in order to make sure that temperatures don't get dangerously hot.


^That is the computer that I have and I just wanted to know if the cooling system on that would be enough.

The specs are in the link as well. If you need anything else i'll be glad to tell you and thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Need to know the PSU and the fans in the case.
  2. How do I find that out? :)
  3. Open the case and read the PSU label, or post a picture. On the fans, I just want to know how many and where.
  4. The 460W version of that PSU got a very negative review, and I would expect the 500W version to be as bad or worse.

    If that is your only case fan, you need to add some. A couple 120mm fans, one for the front and one for the top.

    Replace your PSU with something safe and efficient, that will provide power that is stable enough for your card and CPU.

    Seasonic 520W

    Antec HCG 520M

    Corsair 650TX V2
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