12k 3dmark score low for a 955/5850 combo?

Just scored a 12,833 on 3dmark vantage using an oc'd xfx xxx 5850 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150455&cm_re=xfx_xxx_5850-_-14-150-455-_-Product

and a stock 3.2ghz 955 BE deneb 4gb gskill ripjaws on an asus m4a97t mobo... seems low doesnt it?
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  1. My score is 3DMark Score P13264
    CPU Score 11331
    Graphics Score 14063

    I have about the same setup but have
    m3a78 board
    4gb 1066
    the 955 be oc to 3.4 (i could go but to lazy)
    Useing the new ati drivers they have out to.
    Stocked 5850

    So hell your not the only one thinking they seam low and my score 2 only 600ish more points then you.

    I upgraded from a gtx 260 oc and only gained like a avg of 10fps in crysis and 1k jump from my gtx 260 3dmark06 of 17234 is to 18256 so i'm thinking its the drivers or something hell if i know. And i did a clean driver install 2 lol.
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