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Hello,my seagate 1tb 2.0 external hard drive fell on the ground, when its connected it beeps, but i can still hear the disk spinning but the computer doesnt recognize the drive can i put into a desktop case or is it dead?
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  1. It's hard to tell - dropping the drive is bad news but if it still spins that's a good sign and it might just be the controller that's broken. You can try to take it out of the enclosure (which will void your warranty) and put it in a desktop computer or use a sata to usb cable. Be VERY careful, though. It is often extremely difficult to get the drive out of those casing and can require an uncomfortable amount of force. It is easy to accidentally jam a screwdriver into you drive. Once you get it out, use an internal sata cable to hook the drive up to the motherboard or use a sata to usb cable to hook it to a motherboard - if you're lucky you can still read it.

    This should be your last resort. Once you tear the drive out of the casing there's really no going back.
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