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Can you remove the bottom fan in a Antec P182 case completely and still install four hard drives in the bottom cage,also can you install a corsair 750HX to 1000HX PSU
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  1. Yes - it won't cause a problem for the HDD's


    people who do this put tape over the rear case grill holes which surround the external mounting points for the PSU to stop the PSU's fan drawing in air from the back of the case. This makes the PSU draw all its air from the front case vent over the HDD's making up for the now not necessary bottom case fan ;)
  2. should add I'm not sure on the specifics of adding the really big 1000watt PSU's but am sure I have heard people made the fit.
  3. Thanks for Your Help

  4. You're welcome mate.

    Good luck on your build ~_^
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