GTX260 and Sound with HDMI

I have the GTX 260 and I am going to use a DVI->HDMI adapter to hook up my computer to an HDTV.
However I want to know how to get audio to pass through HDMI too.
I heard something about an HDMI_SPDIF header and a cable to attach to it.
I'm not sure how to do this and what I need for it.
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  1. HDMI_SPDIF header and a cable to attach to it. [/quotemsg

    its included in the videocard's box (mine did). its the wire that has a small white tip (if im not mistaken). at first look it would appear useless or trash, i hope you didnt throw it away.
  2. If you did throw it away, then just go to the comuter surplus store and buy an internal CD-AUDIO or SPDIF cable, but it needs to be the right size (some are the same some are wider than the SPDIF headers).

    Look for the accompanying header on your MOBO or Audio Card.
  3. Can you explain how I would use that cable though?
    Okay I found the location for the cable on my GPU and I'm sure I can find it on my mobo, but now I'm wondering where exactly to buy a wire.
    What stores would you be able to buy it from? Because newegg doesn't have it.
  4. Hi..

    Kinda have same problem here. Also have gtx260.
    I connected my video card and mother board with s/pdif; Then i used dvi - hdmi adapter and through it connected my pc to my tv with hdmi cable.
    I get perfect picture, but no sound. Only thing i get out of my tv speakers is cracling sound. =(
    Of course i changed the settings in control panel > sound ( i put digital audio s/pdif as my default device)

    Have no idea what more to do...

    Any ideas?
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