Dell gx270- help me to find descent mid range Graphics card. Please.

Hi I have dell optiplex gx270 'Small Desktop Computer'[].

I know its old comp but for me the overall system speed is fine. Its just that sometimes when I get bored from work I want to play games but my comp sucks in this area.

So I wanted help. If any one could suggest a descent graphics card which can atleast play games like Torchlight at descent settings, then it would be great.
I visited some forums and I think I would have to upgrade my comp's power supply if I want to install a descent AGP card. Also the AGP card has to be 'low profile'

Please help. My max budget is $180-200.


PS. If anyone wants a full system summary then I can post it online.
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  1. it looks as though that machine still uses an AGP slot. thats pretty old technology and you will be paying a large amount for inferior performance. your options are also quite limited as well.

    I cannot recommend upgrading your graphics card when building a new machine would be a better investment of your hard earned money...
  2. I'm not so sure.. if upgrading the entire system isn't an option, it might be ok to buy a cheap card now.

    I think this $50 Radeon 3450 would be your only option:

    It's more powerful than the only Nvidia low-profile AGP cards I could find. Performance should be... okay...
    I'm using an HP DV2 with a dual-core processor and a 3410 GPU. It can play Team Fortress 2 (admittedly a CPU-dependent game) on High settings with mediocre framerates. I'm not sure if it'll live up to "decent" but it's much better than what you've got now. Just be sure to read the Newegg reviews--some people had problems with drivers. See what worked.
  3. Really thanks a lot customisbetter and tortnotes for the advise. Tortnotes I checked out the link but it is for 64bit AGP card while my comp only supports 32bit AGP.

    I just bought this comp secondhand for $80. I have no problems except that I cant play any descent games on it.

    after searching on the net for my options I think I will get a new system which can play atleast mid level games at medium settings.

    Although thanks for your time and advise.
  4. no problem man. :)
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