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I am having some wierd crashes with my new rig. Here is a picture of the screen when it crashes, Pic of my screen when it crash

Here are my spec:

I5 750
Gigabyte P55M ud2
G.Skill 1600mhz cl9 ddr3 memory 2x2gb
XFX radeon Hd5770
Corsair 650tx

Strangely the temp of the gpu never go up more than 50c so its definetly not heat, tried to uninstall driver and reinstall them not worked. ANd it crash whenever it want can be while surfing the web, playing video or gaming but it happens less when i am gaming and playing video.

Any idea what could make my computer crash like this ?
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  1. I would like to know a answer to this to even though my pc dosen't do this anymore it use to. Also does your pc ever just go black? that use to happen to mines to.
  2. This is the only type of problem you are having? What OS? Have you confirmed the memory is running at correct settings in the BIOS?
  3. memory is running at underrated 1333mhz at cl9 in bios and i am running windows 7. And sometime it happen to go black when i try to play streaming video in full screen mode.
  4. What kind of "crash" is this? Do you have to do a full manual reboot? does ctrl-alt-del do anything?

    Since it's a general problem and not related to 3D work, try uninstalling the GPU driver and just run the generic windows driver for a while. See if you can get it to crash that way.

    You say it happens less when you use the GPU harder, in a game or movie... that could indicate a voltage problem with the card, either the card itself or the PSU, or maybe even the board.
  5. th crash is really bizarre, my screen goes like the picture in the link i posted and it automatically reboot. I need to do nothing, but for when i watch streaming video in full screen i have to manually restart cause even ctrl+alt+del dosent work. For psu voltage problem i would really be surprised cause my dad know did checked every connector with a voltmeter and everything was fine. The voltage were spot on. So that mean if it is a voltage problem it would be the card or the mottherboard ?
  6. So it restarts, or hard locks when you are watching video. You should probably try swapping out the video card for something else as well. And a volt meter won't catch all the problems a PSU can throw out.
  7. sadly i dont have any other video card handy, when i watch a streaming video like youtube in full screen mode it lock up and i have to manually reboot but when i watch one that is on my hard drive, the same type of crash as when i play or i when surf on the web happen and it automatically restart.
  8. Another strange thing is that after my weird crash that automatically restart, catalyst control center have problem and stop working and crash.
  9. Are your drivers compatible with the OS? Are you running 32-bit drivers and 64-bit OS or the other way around?
  10. no i am running 64 bit driver with 64bit os
  11. I'm having same problem but I get a blue screen right after crash saying something about hardware, it goes to quick for me to catch everything. Also, I get a lot of Desktop Windows Manager crashes especially when watching movies.
    It all started happening when I removed the GPU from the slot and replaced and old PSU for a new one due to old one failing.

    I would like to add that I also have a Gigabyte mobo and XFX card.
    My full system:

    AMD Athlon 7750 Kuma Black Ed.
    Gigabyte GA- MA770-UD3
    XFX Radeon 4870 XXX 512MB
    4gb G.Skill DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500)

    It's really frustrating, my built is pretty new and everything was fine before my PSU failed.

    I do have another GPU I can use (GT7950), if everything is fine then I can safely assume that my mobo is defective?

    Here's the DWM crash I'm getting
    Desktop Windows Manager
    Faulting Application Path: C:\Windows\System32\dwm.exe

    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Dwm.exe
    Application Version: 6.1.7600.16385
    Application Timestamp: 4a5bc541
    Fault Module Name: dwmcore.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
    Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdf28
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000000000000d780
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0fe9
    Additional Information 2: 0fe9f843bda7d0fb915b2886824b7c8b
    Additional Information 3: 4352
    Additional Information 4: 4352ce2bb00d535eeecb33ce70d366c0

    and eventually coming to this BSOD:
  12. I'm sorry to hijack your thread but I thought I'd chime in with mine as it looks like we have pretty similar problem here. If you don't want me here let me know and I will remove my post and make a new thread.
  13. and you get the same image as the one i posted a link of when it crash ?
  14. yeah, but it doesn't get stuck on that image, just for a second and than the PC crashes and reboots.
  15. ok like me
  16. You should both have event logs that may list some further info. See if you can find it under control panel (sorry I'm not quite up on Win 7 yet but if you hunt a bit you should find it.)
  17. it has started to crash so much i cant even might do that but i will give it a go, there is something that is dieing and its annoying knowing my comp is only a month old.also i tried to run prime95 and it stopped right after i started it.
  18. That does sound bad. :( You may want to pull your CPU and carefully inspect the socket for scorch marks.
  19. Me and a few others have hade problems like this. This is a link to a post i made when building my system and if you read it will see a few people with P55-UD2 and P55-UD4P hade the same problem and was fixed after a bios update and a clean install of the newer cat 9.11 GPU CCC. I used driver sweep to install all ATI drivers.


    It also might help to get your RAM Set to 1600

    Hope it helps GL M8
  20. damm it was to angry i take off the motherboard to check the cpu, had nothing, everything is fine, i will try that clean install of ati driver but tommorrow cause i have to go to bed, will need also to reapply some thermal coumpound, does my thermal compound i bought about 3 wek ago that i kept in the fridge is still good ?
  21. The paste should be fine. If you read the link its not only to do a clean install of the GPU drivers but you need to update your mobo BIOs

    Also if you have any AV programs running uninstall them for testing ( Do not just disable it ) Seem to be problems with some AV Software AVG for one with Window 7
  22. i did updated my bios and made sure i desinstalled my av when i reinstalled my gpu driver. Still nothing, even worse i am now getting some weird error from microsoft when i open my computer like .net framework does not work cause some directory is no more valid. I am seriously thinking about rmaing my motherboard cause its not only one part of my computer that is failing, it is now all bits of it and that would mean its the part that everyother is fine and that is the motherboard.
  23. I, on the other hand, didn't have any problems last night. I played Left4Dead (it crashed on me, but it crashes regularly for me) and Team Fortress 2 which played beautifully, maybe I should install a more graphically demanding game to really push that 4870.
    I also watched a movie and had no problems at all, not even one Desktop Windows Manager which crashes several times in one hour when watching videos.

    I've also noticed less crashes when I started using Windows Media Player to watch vids, I've been using Classic Medial Player that comes with CCCP codec pack.

    Now it just boggles me even more as to what's happening here. On Sunday I couldn't even watch a movie and last night was a bliss.
  24. Proximon said:
    You should both have event logs that may list some further info. See if you can find it under control panel (sorry I'm not quite up on Win 7 yet but if you hunt a bit you should find it.)

    I'll look for it but is there anything I should look for in particular?

    Thanks btw.
  25. did a bit of thinking and have come to the conclusion that my motherboard is the one at fault, if my gpu was failling it would show in benhing like 3dmark but it always did it without a single problem. My cpu is all good, never had any problem at all with it. The ram would not cause some automatic rebooting and i would get a blue screen of death if it was memory. Hard drive is all fine, all my file are intact some it can only be my motherboard and the psu would simply shut off and not restart
  26. so i made the decision to ditch out that stupid motherboard and buy from another company. The gigabyte technical support never responded me when i asked them about my weird crashe and its goign to cost me about 60$ of shipping and custom fee for a mobo that cost 100$. Its just not worth it so i bought a msi p55-gd65 for about 170$ with shipping and tax. I never heard people have problem with that mobo and the new 5XXX serie gpu.
  27. snorojr, can you please post back when you replace that mobo? I would like to know if your problems will continue (hopefully not) I'm also considering getting a new mobo, a better one. I'm almost sure that it is my mobo that is causing me problems but I'm short on budget right now so I need to be sure 100%.

    I would really appreciate that.
  28. One way to test if it is driver related is to boot your PC in safe mode and see if it freezes/crashes. For a number of people the freezing/crashing happens when they play full screen flash video - for example, when they go to Hulu and and play a video on full screen. If this is the case for any of you a BIOS and/or GPU driver version update should help.

    Problems like this have been seen a lot. Niklas13's thread is a good example. For anyone experiencing this I would ask a few questions: 1) What version of BIOS do you have installed (and what motherboard do you have)? 2) What version of your video card driver do you have installed (and what video card do you have)? 3) What OS are you using (and 32 or 64 bit)?
  29. Gigabyte GA- MA770-UD3
    XFX Radeon 4870 XXX 512MB

    Latest ATI driver, Win7 64bit, BIOS F6 I believe, not the latest but further updates only give support to more recent CPUs. I will give it a shot though, never hurts to have the latest.

    Like I said I didn't have that problem before my PSU failed, at that time I didn't know what failed so I took out the GPU and tested it on another PC to make sure it wasn't the card, then I tested out the PSU and found it to be dead. Maybe I did something unknowingly to the mobo or the card after reinstalling it but then again if I physically broke anything my PC wouldn't probably boot anyway. That's why I'm thinking something is failing just not sure what.

    Anyway, last night I installed my old 7950GT, run it for few days and see if I can replicate those crashes. If I can't replicate should I RMA my GPU?
  30. well whatever, i tried everything niklas13 did and i still got crash so it really isnt a driver problem. whatever i never got any awnser from gigabyte for my problem and didnt want to pay 60$ for shipping and custom fee when the motherboad is worth 100$. Now if i still have crash i made sure i have installed correctly my new msi p55-gd65, i can pretty much assume its the gpu which xfx helped me try to find the problem so i shouldnt have a problem rma it or its the psu, and if its that even if i am still on warranty i might go for a modular one.
  31. bazylik said:
    Latest ATI driver

    What is the version number?

    bazylik said:
    It all started happening when I removed the GPU from the slot and replaced and old PSU for a new one due to old one failing.

    Why did you remove the GPU from the slot? Is this when you switched from the 7950GT to the 4870? I'm wondering if you still have old drivers for the 7950 installed. Try finding them and uninstalling them. Maybe they're interfering with the 4870.

    Can you tell us more about how the PSU failed? If it shorted out/died while connected to the system it could have caused damage to any component.
  32. I haven't read this entire thread.. but I was having that exact screen when I was using the OC Tuner on my Asrock x58 extreme board.. it was from an unstable CPU processing speed. Not sure how close to an answer you are!
  33. i am at stock speed so it cant be overclocking problem
  34. ekoostik said:
    What is the version number?

    Why did you remove the GPU from the slot? Is this when you switched from the 7950GT to the 4870? I'm wondering if you still have old drivers for the 7950 installed. Try finding them and uninstalling them. Maybe they're interfering with the 4870.

    Can you tell us more about how the PSU failed? If it shorted out/died while connected to the system it could have caused damage to any component.

    About a month ago, I turned off my pc for the night, everything was fine. The next morning I pressed the power button and the PC turned on but it wouldn't boot, monitor wouldn't even turn on. I thought the graphics card went poop, so I removed it from the PCIe slot and tested it on my parents PC, it worked. My next step was to remove the PSU and test it the same way as I did with the GPU. Got it out, drove to my folks house and tested, that's when I found out that it was the PSU not the GPU that died. I ordered a new PSU, installed it, I even reinstalled win7 then latest drivers and all the basic things just to make sure everything clicked properly, That's when all the crashes and BSODs started.

    4870 had clean drivers right after win7 install, nothing should be interfering with it.

    Flash forward to yesterday. As I mentioned I grabbed my old 7950GT and put in my rig couple of days ago. Last night I watched a movie, everything was fine, after that started surfing web and PC crashed and I was welcomed to BSOD.

    Two different cards, same BSOD. It's gotta be the motherboard because what else could it be??

    oh yeah, no overclocking for me either.
  35. had some problem with stupid win 7 installation should be able to install it today and get it working in a couple of hour, i will keep you updated if my new motherboard have solved the problem
  36. Great, thanks.
  37. ok, had to return my copy of windows 7 and wont have it till monday but i talked a bit with some it support guy and they told me that a faulty hard drive could cause all my problem of reinstalling windows but also my weird crashe. Cause some bad sector might have been possible and with the couple of formatting i did, i just made them bigger and that could have affected my driver and make my computer weirdly crashe. The only thing is why i would happen less when i am gaming, i have no idea.
  38. Where are all your games installed? Is it the same drive that you have your OS installed? You may be on to something here. My main drive is pretty old IDE drive I have OS installed on it, but my games are on completely different drive (SATA), all my video players are installed on the same drive as the OS so it could make sense that my PC doesn't crash when gaming but only when watching vid and accessing files from C drive. I've experienced bad drives before but never anything like that.
  39. well i have only one hard drive and everything was on it but on different partition. And because windows see every parition as another drive it could explain mine also cause i did have some game crash but they were pretty rare. So it could be just some small sector of my hardrive that are missing but those could cause the crash to happen. might think about gettting a 1tb instead of my 500gb or going to wd if samsung give me some *** about rma. Cause at about 50-100$, thats not the end of the world.
  40. Alright, back to my bad motherboard diagnosis. I installed Win7 on two different drives, one IDE and one SATA. Win7 on both hard drives kept crashing, everything is just pointing in the direction of my mobo.

    Two different graphics cards, two different hard drives, two different PSUs, and RAM's fine too.

    I don't know if I should RMA my mobo to gigabyte or go with this

    I have a feeling that ASUS board will be better for me.
  41. why go for a mobo with integrated gpu if you have a hd4870, you should better go look at a 790x or 790fx mobo instead ?

    whatt about this oneMsi K9A2
  42. update,

    a friend told me to try and test my computer with hiren's boot cd, i tried pc check and everything was fine, runned memtest86+ and found out i had one faulty memory stick, so now i need to look for rma or maybe change to better memory cause i would like to have my computer ready for christmas and dont want to have to wait 2 week to get replacement
  43. I picked gigabyte over that ASUS board exactly for the reason you mentioned, because it has an integrated GPU. Well, I can always disable onboard GPU like I do with the onboard sound card. I'll try to RMA the board first though.
  44. bazylik can you try to run memtest with only 1 memory stick and do it with the other also if you dont see error cause thats what caused my problem.
  45. I will do that, I downloaded the iso file last night and will do it today when I get back from work.
  46. btw, where can I download that hiren's boot cd?
  47. just do a simple google search and it will be easy to find it, try to get the 10.1 version

    link:Hiren's boot cd 10.1 download
  48. Thanks, I found another link but it was very slow... yours is much faster
  49. I ran memtest and my RAM is fine, no errors at all. :( mobo it is.
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