Quadro FX 3000 AGP ?

i have an NVIDIA QUADRO FX 3000 Graphics Card. It has 256MB Memory and is AGP. I would like to know if this card is good for gaming and if not, if a 128MB NVidia Geforce AGP Would be Better.
p4 2.8GHz HT OC 3.08GHz
256MB Ram, soon to be 2GB
Quadro FX 3000 AGP
Mad Dog 350Watt PSU
Memorex DVD-ROM
160GB WD SATA, limited by Jumper setting to 1.5GB/s
Asus p4c-800e Deluxe
XP Home, Dell Version (not a dell pc, just the disc i used)
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  1. Neither is what one would call good for gaming, the Quadro FX3000 is a workstation card, and effectively an nVidia FX5900 so not even in gaming garb was it a good card and wouldn't play any current games 'well', heck the FX5900 had trouble with Oblivion (when the older Radeon 9500/9600/9700+ still played fine).

    As for the other card, need to know what kind of Geforce it is, but being AGP it's not going to play with even the latest low-ends. Anything above a Geforce 6300 would likely spank the Quadro, and even the GF6300 would likely game better than that weak Quadro, except in very old games.

    Probably better to sell that Quadro to someone who needs it for workstation work (since it will still be supported by workstation drivers and be faster than an equivalent or better gaming card), and then take that money and buy a gaming card.
  2. I used google. The card is the workstation version of the GeForce FX 5900. Released around 2003. Was top of the line. But minimum requirements for most games based on dx9 now call for geforce 6600 -6800 and once again thats minimum.
    So I would say NOT good for gaming.
  3. thanks, ill get a geforce. also, whats the most important attribute in a graphics card for gaming? according to the benchmark i used, the only thing it is good at is texture, and it scores so low on everything else it doesnt even show on the bar graph. thanks
  4. also, would the quadro fx 3000 be better than an ati radeon 7000 pci (not pci-express), but PCI? it has passive cooling, but would it have more rounded out benchmarks than just being awesoem at texture?
  5. by the way the only reason i ended up with the quadro card is that i got it at a used computer store,and it was the agp card wit hthe biggest hsf, so i figured it would be the fastest...
  6. The Radeon 7000 PCI card is worse that the even older original Radeon, so no, it's nowhere near the Quadro there, which would be more powerful than a Radeon 9200 or 8500 which would be leaps more powerful than an R7000.

    Look toward getting a geforce 6600 or higher, or a Radeon X1600 or higher.

    A good place to look for power rating without getting into the details of shaders, TMUs, ROPs, Memory, etc would be the list in Cleeve's review;
  7. thanks for the link, i appreciate it.
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