Re-Thought my watercooling hardware. (Advice needed)

Hey Guys,

I was just wondering what everyones thoughts are on the Koolance Copper Core CU1020V High Flow 3x120mm Radiator?
I've been looking at getting a compact rad as i only have roughly 55mm of clearance between the roof of my case and my ram slots.

I was looking at going for the XSPC Ex 360 rad but i've discovered it is 35.5mm thick so i'd have to do some shaving on both the fans and the plastic ram ejector levers.

What is everyones Preferences on the Koolance rad (30mm) vs the Black Ice GT Stealth 360 (29.6mm) or any other suggestions? i live in australia and i'd prefer to buy from an australian site.

Also, would the Silverstone 120mm Air Penetrator fans be the best to use for this purpose?
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  1. please read the watercooling sticky in my sig, it will help you find the link to the fans roundup+sites that usually conduct testing for rads+fans.

    hint: martinsliquidlab
  2. Lutfij, is it scythe that do slim fans? I can't recall atm, at work
  3. Sorry Lutfij I have read the sticky a few times before, its just im usually at work when i go on TH and cant get access to websites like skineelabs and whatnot, im surprised that i could even get on this website. i've changed my fan to a koolance 120mm with a CFM of 180 at high haha, i read a few reviews and apparrently they're up there with brands like delta in build quality.

    Sorry one of my biggest questions would be what would you prefer out of the two Rads? sorry Moto i dont think ill be able to fit an EX in my case unless i shave some plastic :/.
    I asked my retailers and they said they're both pretty much the same apart from the looks and whatnot. i know build quality would be a factor aswell though so i was wondering what everyone at TH thought about the Hardware Labs vs Koolance in build quality?

  4. yeap, scythe make 120x15mm fans:

    dimensions wise, the rads are near similar - though you'll need to check it out yourself on martins site :) he details alot of it. In fact I would choose the Alphacool ST30 rad...i guess its the slimmer one and is in an all copper construct.

    but we shouldn't be allowed to voice our opinion...we can steer you from potentially bad choices but not tell you what to eat :P
  5. Would it be frowned upon if i made a progress thread and uploaded photos when i get my parts? im ordering them slowly over 6 weeks. I just aquired my Res, tubing, fittings and clamps then.
  6. Hell no, we love build logs :)
  7. +5000, build logs FTW!!!
  8. First post, outline your plans for the build, inspirations etc, maybe a couple of pics of the shiny kit you already have and estimated timeline till D-Day,
    when you post that/start the thread, as fast as you can, 'reserve' the next two or three posts for updates,
    that way you can have a nice big section right at the start before people start asking questions.
  9. Have you considered thinking outside the box and mounting the radiator on top of your computer, that will pretty much get you past any limitations and still look good?
  10. I think I had mentioned that in one of his other threads, along with the (seemingly) now obligatory Radbox option :P
  11. I'm going one step further and considering the radbox sidecar and radbox camper shell. :)

    I like the side mount rad idea as it was something I did for many years (and technically still do) and it has worked well.

    It's easy to do, looks decent and works for most people.
  12. i'd like to mount the rad on top but i dont think ill be able to fit it under the plastic shell. and the way the front and top shell are made it'll look too strange to have the top off and a rad sticking out the top haha.

    I think for now, while im still learning and allowing crazy ideas to manifest themselves ill stick to a traditional loop within the comfort of my case. I mean i've come a fair way since when i first wanted to watercool. (H60 --> RS240 kit --> RS360 kit --> EX360 kit --> picking own parts.) haha i need to make up my mind :P

    One thing i wanted to ask though is would you guys suggest this fan for the type of rad i choose.


  13. I was told to get a fan that has a CFM of about 100 so i decided to choose the one that almost doubles that haha.
  14. You'll need earplugs and a good fancontroller to dial those down :-p
    Good pressure and cfm if you can bear 60 decibels :-)
  15. I was trying to figure out how loud the stock Intel heatsink is? on that website what fan would you recommend?

    Just had a little looksee at this coolermaster fan is 90CFM good enough? Because it stays at a low 19dba.
  16. swiftech helix
    phobya black edition
    bitfenix spectre pro

    for rads
  17. Or check the fan roundup in Cpu components section,
    I use Xspc's 2k rpm units on my Ex's, dialled down to about 1k each and get good results
  18. the website I buy through doesnt supply Swiftech or Phobya also both the scythe and bitfenix only push about 50-60 CFM unless I wait ages for the 110CFM fan.

    Like you said in my other post Lutfij, ill probably need a stronger fan to push the air through a 30mm Rad. would the idea be to pull the air from the top outside the case into the inside or opposite? i guess it would deped on the temp of the inside of my case right? but seeing as hot air rises if i pulled air from outside and blew it inside, it'd only come back up to bite me wouldnt it? maybe whilst im figuring this out and buying my parts ill also work on my case airflow, what i'd want to do would be to push the GPU air out the back exhaust before it has a chance to reach the top fans? I've been looking at shrouds only recently, a shroud is essentially a duct isnt it? what if i installed the big 200mm fan in the side of the case to combat the hot air coming from the gpu? my average room temperatur would be probably 20c - 25c at this time of year which ill admit is strange in australia, but i guess if i can get that air inside then it'd do a lot more good then bad wouldnt it?
  19. I think i might go with those coolermasters, they're fairly cheap compared to the rest of the fans, push a fair bit of air and they're a bit quieter then a jet engine. they're significantly quieter then a stock intel fan too so i cant be doing bad right? if any of you two suggest otherwise, let me know but at the moment for that website they look like a good bet. then ill get the 200mm bitfenix spectre pro for the side of my case to get the air that i need haha.

    Just realised the fan on the top of my case is a 200mm so i can use that on the side of my case when i install the Rad, then later on when i want to be able to see whats inside my computer ill be able to get a GPU block and smaller rad to compensate for the missing side fan. when i change to the gpu block it will further decrease the average temp inside my case wont it? i could possibly even get a front fan to get a little bit more air from my room to assist.
  20. I wouldn't bother with a sidefan tbh, and the rad at top should have the fans exhausting, not intaking
    The gfx card should get rid of its own heat but what little floats into the case will be picked up by the rear exhaust quickly enough
  21. is any of this liable or am i running in circles? haha
  22. think things through, no need to be running in circles - in fact some things have already been covered just take some cold sips of latte and take a few walks out for some fresh air.

    and we'll stick to one thread for discussion+feedback as I'm also having a headache trying to remember what the two of us wrote up previously :P

    oh and btw, might want to close that thread we were talking on and link it here for some feedback and build log postings :)
  23. Thats why I've only been responding in here dude, Brain hurty hehe
  24. forgive me i am a mere peasant looking for a sweet watercooling kit. to close down my other threads do i just vote a winner?
  25. its actually your wish, you could click on the yellow marked "report" button ontop of any post and ask mod to close thread :)

    as for your kit quest...xspc :) or maybe build all the way custom on your rig as the thread progressed here.
  26. i think i may do that, ill close my other two threads including my log thread and make this thread my progress and questions thread.
  27. oh, and one more thing, when you'll have your stuff you can ask mods to reopen your closed thread and go full throttle on your progress/build log thread.
  28. going back up to those scythe slim fans, if i get a set of them i should be able to go with the EX and all will be well right? just one question, how good will these low profile fans go with a 360 EX rad?

    ok so ill be able to aquire a 360 EX rad with a 1600rpm slipstream 12mm fan, it provides 88CFM @ 33Dba, this will fit even better then my other choice.
    However, in your opinion what would you get out of these two combos?

    -XSPC EX360 Rad + 3 Scythe 1600rpm slipstream 12mm fans (88CFM, 33Dba, 1600rpm) = $117 (not including postage, 2 different shops.)


    -Koolance Copper Core CU1020V High Flow 3x120mm Radiator + CoolerMaster 120mm Silent Blue LED Fan (90CFM, 19Dba, 2000rpm) = $105 (not including postage, 1 shop.)
  29. I know they kick some @## when mounted on a tightly spaced CM vortex plus in an HTPC case :) so they may be of good insight for a high FPI count rad...dunno
  30. Lutfij said:
    I know they kick some @## when mounted on a tightly spaced CM vortex plus in an HTPC case :) so they may be of good insight for a high FPI count rad...dunno

    Sorry Lutfij, was that in reply to my edit?
  31. Also, my current resevoir has drill holes for four 3mm UV LEDs is it possible to get two UV LEDs and then put in two standard blue LEDs so my case will remain a blue and black theme or will the blue LEDs deter the UV LEDs effect in preventing growth?
    Its just that i'd prefer it to be blue over purple but its not a life or death situation.
  32. yeas

    and yeah the blue will be bright enough to rule out the UV effect on your tubes. I didn't mean the disinfection rule, i meant aesthetically.
  33. +1, the blue effect will be more visible, but the UV will still do its job and help keep the loop clean
  34. sweet, that helps a ton!

    now with the rad setups? what would either of you prefer?> i'd like to be able to get the scythe low profile with the EX 360 but i'd want it to be the 2000 rpm fan model, however it looks like the only way im getting one of them is if i order outside of australia and that'll be too expensive :/
  35. what site you ordering from?
  36. pccasegear and a bunch of other well known australian pc hardware sites. ill list them:


    actually they're probably the best ones we have :/
  37. i've checked a few more that i cant remember but most of them dont even have watercooling gear.
  38. well there was another memebre here on Tom's who lived in NZ, he got everything from one site outside of his shores - frozencpu as the shipping and pricing were far cheaper than buying them near home.
  39. okie dokey, ill have a look at frozen cpu although i think i might have been on there yesterday.
  40. just try to contain yourself as they have a far wider selection of parts for watercooling. if you can mix and match from other sites - you can bring down costs, but then again it'll add up during shipping from various e-tailers.

    in fact, you may ask your austailian e-tailer and see if they'll bring over some watercooling parts for a lil service/shipping/consultancy fee :)
  41. wow sorry apparently it only pushes 45 cfm at almost 34Dba?
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