Combining fireweire HDD with USB 3.0

I know that firewire external hard drives can be combined together. But can I combine it with a drive using USB 3.0 to comunicate with the PC? Im taking a look at the producsts below...

So, my questions are the following....

1)I know for a fact that I could get 2 LaCies drives and link them using firewire, but does the one drive that goes to the PC has to be firewire as well? Can it be usb 3.0 or maybe esata?

2)Nevertheless, lets consider that you have to use firewire, could I plug the G Drive to the LaCie? The G drive uses firewire to get its power, would it draw power from the LaCie?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Those drives do not bridge Firewire to USB; you can only use on or the other, so:

    1. Yes, both must use Firewire.

    2. I do not know.
  2. I don't even understand the 2nd question. Can you rephrase it?
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