Need a graphic card help!

Well, I been playing on integrated graphic card for a 2 years or more and tired of not playing any good PC games on GOOD frames OR Medium to high quality!. I noticed that i need to upgrade my graphic card, I'm using motherboard ATI XPRESS 200, with 2 PCI regular PCI slots and a long PCI-E slot 1.0 x16. 1.50GB of RAM (Some of it taken out so it's like 1.4) Price range from 100-200 Maybe further if i can get some more money.

Just want to play L4d, css,crossfire,A.V.A,Allods etc You know :D

Oh and using windows vista with Dirext X 11
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  1. What power supply do you have? What resolution do you play at? Assuming you have a decent PSU consider something like the 4890 or the 5770, the 5770 will use less power and provides DX11 capabilities by performs a few percentage points worse.
  2. I use 240W When i search my computer xD I'm on a resolution of 1024x768, 15inch monitor i think yeah. :ange: Oh and i use a VGA monitor, so hopefully it comes with a VGA adapter.
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    Alright, in that case i think its time for a PSU upgrade as well. How big is your monitor? You probably want to consider that as a future upgrade. Also whats your processor because at 1024x768 that is definitely going to bottleneck before the GPU.

    The 550VX will power any single GPU card easily so its a very good investment for a PSU

    And since the PSU ate up some of the budget a 4770 is now the best in the range, but it will still give good performance at 1680x1050 so it will give you spectacular performance at 1024x768

    Overall upgrade cost: $189
  4. Nice, I'll buy both!That thing is huge lol thank you very muchhh :bounce:
  5. Wow, keep an eye out for sales on monitors, a higher resolution one will make games look much nicer with smoother edges. I managed to get a 21.5" one for under $100 on black friday but there should be more sales as we head into christmas. On the plus side, you will be able to turn on all of the eye candy at that resolution with a 4770.
  6. That's a big ass monitor lol I'll definitely invest into it, This small monitor is killing my neck anyways lol Sense my chair is high. Then, I'll invest in some other stuff hopefully for Christmas :D
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