I7 overheating

I have an i7 860 and I'm having heat problems. I'm not overclocking it at all, though I did have to manually adjust my ram (pc12800) to 1600mhz. I ran CPU-Z to notice that it's running at the turbo boost speed even when idle.

Usually after watching an HD movie I get a blank screen with vertical lines across it. Though I've occassionally gotten messages saying that the CPU had to shutdown due to a thermal heat issue. (could be two problems, or just one)

Anyone know what the cheapest solution to the problem is?

Motherboard - Intel DP55WG 1156
Processor - Core i7 860 (stock heatsink)
RAM - 8GB OCZ DDR3 PC12800 (2GBx4)
HDD - Western Digital 1TB SATA
GPU - Radeon HD 5770
PSU - Antec 650W
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  1. What are your temps at load and when doin nothing?
    I hear alot of problems with 860 heat problems.
    I say get an aftermarket cooler.
    You can get a decent one for $30
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