Is a corsair vx450 enough for....

... this old rig which is important to me cos its use it to make beats!

AMD 4800X2
Asus A8N32 Deluxe
ATI X1900XTX (single)
4 Sticks of 512MB xms
2 HDD's

and also got a 88key keyboard drawing power through USB (can connect it seperately if needed)

Let me know your thought and other suggestions if yall have any.

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  1. Yes. You could use the PSU finder at Corsair:
  2. The official ATI recommendation for a system with one ATI X 1900XT video card is a 450 watt power supply with a +12 volt rail rated at 30 amps.

    The Corsair VX450 power supply has a +12 volt rail rated 33 amps. It is a quality psu that can easily power your system. :D
  3. always too late into these PSU threads. Johnny lucky always first with a brilliant answer. :D

    he's very right as always, a 450w PSU is fine, so a corsair 450w is great.
  4. Thanks peeps, appreciate the help!
  5. Actually, for that system, the 400CX would work.
    Corsair 400CX (30 amp 12 volt rail)
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