Upgrading GPU but need help

Help with Graphics card :)?
Im looking to buy a new GPU and im set on a 5850, but they are out of stock in every store i find, so i came up with a solution. 2x HD 4890's crossfire, would that be better than a single 5850 ?

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  1. Yes it will.
  2. Thanks for that...
    care to give anymore info ?
  3. Thank you, but i need a store that delivers in the UK :)
  4. all benchmarks show that although HD5870 is a powerful card it is on level with HD4870x2.
    You are comparing HD5850 with a more powerful combination.
  5. Thanks, so you think i should go with the 5850/70 ? If so where from because there all out of stock,

    Many Thanks
  6. Two HD4890 in crossfire will handle anything that is out to date and in the foreseeable future. In the US that combo costs less than 400 USD a HD5870 is over 400USD for less performance but DX11. At the end of the day it is your money!
  7. There are several HD5850s on ebay that claim to ship world wide for about $350 US. Not sure how that compares to the prices over there if they were in stock.
  8. Yeah, crossfired HD4890s will be quite powerful. Personally though if I was laying out that kind of money for video cards right now I would definitely want them to be DX11 compatible. Also HD4890s use a lot of power and put out a lot of heat so you need to make sure your PSU can handle them and your case has good airflow.
    An alternate suggestion is crossfiring HD5770s. They should give you performance close to an HD5870 while being DX11 compatible as well. They are also 40nm so the power/heat issues that would come with 2 HD4890s would be largely alleviated.
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