What processors can I put on the Intel Calistoga i945GM/PM?

I have a hp pavilion dv6000 with a celeron m 420 1.60 ghz processor . I have been trying without success to upgrade to a t7200 2.00 ghz processor. Supposedly this SL9KX intel celeron m 450 is compatible with the dv6000. When I install it the led lights come on , the cpu fan comes on briefly but the moniter never comes on. I have tried a hard reset , by holding the power button after all power has been disconnected, I have unplugged the cmos battery , I have installed and reinstalled the processor multiple times and reinstalled the 420 afterwards and the 420 fires right up. All the documentation including the dv6000 maintenance manual say this processor should work. This is the 2nd sL9KX processor I have tried. I sent the first one back thinking it was broken. I have phoenix ( 11/06/06 bios ) I checked with HP and they do not have bios updates for the intel machines.Any suggetions
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  1. the processors that the motherboard and bios support depend on the exact make and model. you can get more information about it from here:
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