Will these fans help with my temps???

Newegg is having a case fan 20% off promotion for memorial day. So I guess Im goin to jump on that deal so Im thinking about overclocking my CPU and GPU soon so I am planning to buy 1 fan for my push and pull config for my hyper 212 + and maybe a PCI Slot Cooling fan. I am hopping atleast my temps are get lower by 10 C. Right now my temps are in the 37*C and my GPU is 40*C (the fan RMP is 20%). These temp are in idle mode and with stock volts and everything stock.

These are the products I am looking at Newegg.
AOC FC-2000
PCI Slot Case Cooler
and for my 2nd fan for CPU Push and Pull Config
Scythe DFS123812-3000
Case Fan
Total $17.13(after EMCNEHH244 coupon and I have free shiping from 2 day shipping)
My Current Rig
Asrock p67 Pro b3
Intel i5 2500k with Cool Master Hyper 212+
128GB Samsung 830
500GB Seagate HDD
Sapphire 7850 2GB DDR5
Zalman Z11 Case (non plus) (4 Fans include 2 80mm Side Fans, 1 120mm front fan and 1 Rear 120mm Fan).
Do you guys think that those two products I am looking at a good choice? ( I dont care much about sound)
Do you guys think that those two products will lower my temps by atleast 10 C in Idle for now?
Are there any fans you would recommend me if you dont like the 2 products I suggested.
Do you guys know of a Place that sell the brackets for the fan instillation for the hyper 212+ (I m right now email them if they can sent me one they hadnt reply yet).
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  1. Hi

    The fan you have linked too is an excellent fan however In my experience by adding a second fan to a heatsink or radiator usually only drops the load temps by a few degree's. I think you'd be lucky to see a 5C reduction under load and 2-3C reduction from your current idle temp.

    The slot cooler will expel excess heat from your case, this will only be effective if your case airflow is currently inadequate.
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