Hard Drive is not detected.

I have 500 GB seagate HDD, It is not detected even when I tried to connect it to new system still I faced the same problem. I have lot of data in it. is there any solution to recover the data fom it or to repair the hard drive ?
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  1. replace the data cable.

    if that dont work then there is a FAT ( file allocation table ) problem.
  2. You don't mention if you can hear the motor running, also is this a SATA drive. Sometimes when the bios is reset the onboard controller reverts to raid mode and must be set back to Sata/ide mode.
    Also there was a rash of bad firmware issued on the 500g,750g sata seagate drives, an update was posted on their website but no one was notified even if you were a registered owner. When mine started acting up I went to their support site and download the fix and managed to flash the update. Drive still ran at that time but failed the test they supplied after flashing. Those drives carry a normal 3 year warranty and they cross shipped a replacement drive. It did cost me $19.00 but they provided the box and return shipping tag which would have cost close to that.
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