Any idea how to downgrade from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10?

So I have an HD5870 from ATI, and ever since I installed DirectX 11, I have been unable to play my favourite game, Battlefield 2142. My only choice is to rollback to DX10. It's unfortunate, if I want awesome graphics in Dirt 2, i will have to give up the game I play the most. I'm unsure why there is an incompatibility, if you might have some advice on that then please do share.

In the mean time, I have no idea how to get DX10 back on my system, could someone please help?
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  1. What's your OS ? and also what error do you get when you want to play BF 2142 ?
  2. DX 11 would be Win 7, right? And i don't think there's any rollback of DX version in a GPU. It just supports DX11. DX11 is not actually installed in your GPU.
  3. What Maziar said.
    I would try reinstall/update directx and after also ati drivers
  4. You might have to install DX 9, especially if you've just installed windows 7.
  5. Put XP on a second hard drive and play BF 2142...
  6. Sorry i have Vista, should have said. I'm not buying another hard drive just to play a game on, thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. I have Vista Ultamate 64 bit SP2 with the video patch for DX11. I have BF2142, one of my FAVE games ever, and I have no issues. I really don't think it is DX11. What is happening when you launch the game? Any way to go in and set the graphic default and reset the settings?

    Note: I also have a 5870 with the 9.11 drivers
  8. Really? Hm and i was so sure it was DX11. When i launch it all i get is "2142.exe has stopped working".

    I have tried returning profile options to default with no joy :/
  9. If have a similar problem (the last time I checked) with bf2142 playing on windows 7 64-bit. It has something to do with punk buster not running as I was getting kicked after about a minute of play for being "punkbusted." The game itself ran fan, but the problem was with punk buster.
  10. Well that's weird. So i opened up the profile folder, and i moved the files from Default into profile 0001, which corresponds to my main soldier. I ran the game and it worked! I joined a game, but noticed V-sync was off even though it was forced in CCC, is there no way to get it running in there game? Then i closed the game to enable the framerate cap inhibitor. Then i opened the Video.con file for profile 0001. It said Anti-aliasing was set to 8Samples. I changed the 8 to a 4 and re-ran the game. It crashed. I re-edited the video file so it said 8Samples, again. But it still won't run. That defies logic.
  11. Haha, you sound like me about 3 video cards ago. I initially played BF2142 with a x1900xtx. Then upgraded to an 8800GTS, then 4870, now 5870. When I had the 8800GTS, I had tried to crank AA, AF, and turn on V-sync. I had so many issue when I tried to set the settings manually through the drivers. When I DID get vsync to work, there was some serious lag in the display. It became very annoying because youd turn and fire but you were a split second off. I finally accepted it is what it is.. A 4 year old game wihtout vsync and you live with the screen tearing.
  12. Vsync worked fine for me on an 8800GT. Well the game is stable now, at least.
  13. I just accepted that its and old game. I wish they just updated it. I love that game. The ARC clan will live forever. haha. <RECON> is our stepchild mini clan
  14. Hmm, nope, ignore my last message, the game is still broken. It seems that it will work once or twice if i default the folder, but then if i quit and come back later, it won't work that next time.
  15. I've had to reinstall this game countless times over the last 4 years. It has a tenancy to crash at times.
  16. No dude, it won't even start, that's the problem. It black screens on me instantly
  17. Uninstall it and make sure all the Battlefield folder are gone. There may be some weird setting in an ini file somewhere for your video. Maybe... You will have to reinstall all the patches and such. I keep these in a file as I have done this countless times over the years.
  18. I would also get the "2142.exe has stopped working" message, especially while loading a map. I could always fix it by deleting my profile settings or reinstalling and it would play fine. The problem was, as soon as I would restart my PC the problem start up again.

    The Solution: I found a free program called Game Booster that was recommended to me by a buddy of mine. What the program does, is it temporarily stops unneeded Windows process during gaming. After you are finished with the game, you would then click a button to reactivate all Windows processes to return Windows to it's original state.

    Why am I telling you this? By running Game Booster, BF 2142 now works. I'm assuming in Vista there is a particular process that is conflicting with the game that is stopped when Game Booster is enabled. I can confirm that this has worked on two systems with Vista Ultimate 64bit.

    * - Edited to remove link, post is verging on SPAM, so I'll leave it for the potential benefit, but the direct link goes. - TGGA
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