I would like to upgrade the Processor in my Acer

I currently have an Acer AST180-UA350B.

It has an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor and 6 GB of ram, a SB X-Fi cound card and a NVidia 8600 GTS OC. I know the processor is an AM2 socket and I was wondering whats available that will work. Can I go as high as an AM3 or am I stuck AM2 only or can I go AM2+ also. Just wondering. Any feedback is appreciated.
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  1. I would limit your upgrade to 65 watt cpus for am2. Newegg has the brisbane 5600 65w for $56.99 running at 2.9. That should be a safe upgrade and should work with your old heatsink.
  2. I am not really worried about the heat sink because if I need to I can upgrade that also. Why 65 watts, because the bios is locked and I can't adjust for the others or is there another reason?
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