Hi guys :hello:
Wondering if i should go with an ssd or a 7200rpm standard hdd? :D
I have a 5400rpm at the moment and i dont know how big a differance in speed these are???

Any replies will be greatley appriciated :bounce:
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  1. Is this for a desktop where you would keep your old drive alongside the new one? Does the 5400 rpm drive have enough capacity for your needs but you just need more performance? IF this is the case I would just go for the SSD, no point taking half-measures and the 5400 rpm would still function well simultaneously for media storage and for rarely-accessed files.
  2. ja its just for speed.
  3. im going to be using my other 2 standard hdds for media and programs.
    and yis this for a desktop
  4. You haven't really specified what you were going to use the drive or what you were looking for.

    As lubey said if you're looking for
    Performance : Then go for an SSD
    Storage space : Then go for a standard HDD if the one you have isn't big enough

    Since the prices of standard hdd has risen so much lately, if the 5400 rpm drive you have has sufficient space for your needs you should probably keep that and save the money for now, switching to a 7200 rpm drive just isn't worth the cost at the moment.

    Edit : I missed your last 2 messages while posting, for speed then yes SSD is the way to go, I suggest using the drive as a boot / OS drive, just make sure you grab one that's big enough to fit the OS and the programs you use the most (60 Gb would be the minimum I'd look for)
  5. ok i was looking for a 64gb ssd. How much faster will it be compared to a 5400rpm hdd?
  6. The speed difference should be significant

    It depends on the drives, some are faster than others

    It also depends on the type of operation (read, write, big or small files, sequencial data or not...)

    The best way to check would be to find a benchmark for your current 5400 rpm drive model, and then compare with a SSD

    My choice as far as SSDs go would be the Crucial M4
    Crucial's m4 SSD Tested At 64, 128, 256, And 512 GB

    A Seagate 5400 rpm drive was used in the preceding article so you should be able to compare the performance easily
  7. A couple of things:
    (1) SSDs are much faster than HDDs, about 20 x -> 40+X faster.
    (2) Boot time and program load times are much better.
    (3) In program - no improvement. ie once you load a program, that program will not run faster when on a SSD than on a HDD, In game performance is not increasted, Internet downloads - no improvement here.
    (4) Don't pay to much attention to benchmarks when comparing SSDs. The most often quoted performance matrix is sequencial read/write performand - This is the LEAST important matrix for a OS + Program drive (important for a data drive). the Random 4k performance is what counts, and it is here that an SSD will run circle around a HDD. For bench marks look at PCmark vantage (closer to real life) and AS SSD which uses compressed data for it's benchmark.

    SATA III SSDs - Recommend going with the marvel based controller (ie Crcuil M4 , Intel 510 (newer one coming out) or the New Samsung 830. I stay away from the Sandforce 2281 SSDs (ie OCZ). Yes they have great benchmarks, with UNCompressed data, but also are more probmatic (My term - Plug and PRAY) - Note: problems with SF SSDs has improved with newer firmware.

    Do not be fooled by SATA III HDDs. the Only performance advantage a SATA III HDD has is burst speed. Wait for the prices to drop back down, and then pick up a WD Black (NOT a GREEN), or better yet a samsung F3.
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